Watchers Web

Watchers Web

Have you ever envied pornstars who make money by fucking with hot chicks? So, I have great news for you. You can do your adored thing as an amateur and also make money with the help of special sites. That’s why I’m here to talk about one of them that I think is worth a visit –

What are the main features of Watchersweb

The design itself is not so bad, the only problem I encountered is that the layout is bright, and it hurts my eyes at night. But, if you upload your stuff here, then I think you will not do it at night. Unlike other sites, the usual menu is not on top, but on the side, and although I usually scrub this, this scheme works here.

The reason it works is simply because every feature they offer needs to be explained. Yes, this site is a bit complicated. The first tab will immediately offer you the option to download their pictures, films, or stories because all of them can win the competition.

How to win money via Watchersweb

I will tell you all the necessary actions that you need to know if you want to make money or just enjoy amateur pornography.

Basically, all you have to do is create your video, gallery, story, or something else that is allowed on this site, and your content will be rated in the first seven days after upload. Voting begins every 9th day of the month, and the prizes are pretty good. The first four winners in any category will receive a prize of $300, which is great.

Prize money will be sent to you via PayPal or with a dollar check approximately 30 days after you submit the application. However, make sure to return the form within the first 60 days, or the money will be returned. So, for obvious reasons, you cannot post material that you have already submitted for voting. All materials will be submitted automatically in monthly contests.

They also state that content cannot be sent if you own the site or have staff. But how can they really find out if it is or not? I mean, they could do this without telling the participants about it, so it makes little sense to state this. Winners will be announced on the 10th of each month.

Ways to send your sex tapes on Watchersweb

There are three ways you can send your shit: via email, an online form, or simply register. Honestly, if you plan on doing this kind of stuff in the long run, is it not better to become a member? Registration is free (in any case, they say so), but if you are interested in other ways of presenting material, then check them out yourself.

Under the registration options, you will also have a small FAQ that doesn’t help you with this undertaking. I’m not even sure why they posted such a useless page of frequently asked questions that doesn’t answer anything. They just list some questions.

It is also irritating that you cannot watch any content on this site until you sign up. Now you understand why I did not talk about other forms of providing your materials because you still have to fuck up to register to understand what is happening there.

My experience with Watchersweb

Solely for the sake of you, I wanted to create an account and share the shit that they offer, and after registering for free, I still couldn’t see a damn thing on this site. Pretty interesting, in my opinion, because they say their content is free.

You will have to pay for a subscription to at least see something on the site, and they have only two tariffs, which are not very good. A subscription for one year, which will cost you about $30, and a lifetime subscription, which sounds great, but damn expensive to pay at a time – $149.

In the sense that if you plan to share your videos here, then go ahead and have fun. Keep in mind that lovers of all ages are welcome here, so it doesn’t matter whether you are a grandmother or a teenager, welcomes you all, and voting for different age groups will be held separately, and I think that this gives more chances for a prize.

Personally, I will not join this site because it does not offer anything that I am looking for. But if you want to earn some extra money with your amateur videos, then you can join this site! Do not forget that those who won the first four places on will receive $300. So why not share your pictures.


  • Get paid for the porn you do
  • All age groups are welcome (within the law)
  • Ability to publish videos, pictures or stories


  • Unremarkable design
  • You really have to pay for a subscription
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