nHentai is a porn site made by the creators of two former porn sites of the same subject – Pururin.com and ExHentai.org. It is only natural that these people made another excellent site with hentai, because, apparently, these are real fetishists who do not want to live in a world where there is no gorgeous hentai porn site filled with Japanese manga.

nHentai Features

To start with, it is not surprising at all that creators of this site are so passionate about this niche, because these drawn porn films are full of magical big tits, charming asses and other inhuman parameters that are not required to follow the laws of physics. In general, a bunch of images and a few covers of hentai porn comics are posted on the main page.

All these are drawn in just images. Thus there is no video. By clicking on any of them, you will receive a full publication in a journal format. By clicking, you can turn pages. Unfortunately, most of them are in Japanese, so if you do not speak this difficult foreign language, you are out of luck, although the pictures are pretty descriptive and to understand what is happening there, no translation is required. When a busty woman gags on a big cock with her mouth, it does not matter what is written in the dialogs!

nHentai Design

The layout is a little outdated, but I always say that when something is free, you should not find fault too much.

The site design is very simple and unobtrusive, which is good in principle; the black background contributes to privacy.

At the top of the page are options to choose from. If you want a random cartoon to appear on the screen, then select “random”. There are also some tags to choose from. Among them are artists and series, and not too many topics. So it seems that you need to have some knowledge in this niche in order to use this function. You can also choose your favorite artists or characters exclusively.

If you want to see the best part of this site, you need to scroll to the link that will allow you to chat with other users in Discord. Yes! They have a free chat channel for those who like hentai porn! Every online community should get it because it is a bit of a vacation with friends who love the same thing as you.

nHentai Archive

This is a huge porn site with tons of free content. There are currently more than 165,000 galleries for reading and downloading.

It’s convenient to watch hentai images from your phone and tablet because they won’t stop being popular. Going to this site, you will immediately see a breakdown into categories with sample photos, which should be expected within the category. Very convenient and clear.

The only thing that is inconvenient is the need to click a lot to get to the image itself, not just a lot, but more than on a regular porn photo site. In general, there is something to see, and there is a lot of content, as far as this site operates for a couple of years, so you will have enough images to see.

There are solo hentai images, threesomes, sex parties, naked celebrities, sex “photos”, big boobs, big asses, and much more, there are a lot of topics and images.

As for me, this is an average hentai porn site. The site is a short stop between major destination points. The design is minimal, good quality of the photos themselves, a little story for each set of images. There is an archive of uploaded comics. According to the reviews of the site users, these features are considered convenient.

If you rummage around on the Internet, you can find videos of how such comics are drawn. I accidentally found a list of categories that is written fully in English that’s cool for European hentai fans.

It is also useful that each image set has a flag of the country, which indicates what language this comics has.

There are no advertising at the top, advertising at the bottom, a kind of header and footer for the site what can be seen at other hentai hubs.



  • Great user interface
  • Free hentai comics
  • A lot of content


  • No video
  • Some weird hentai porn
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