Literotica is a free site of erotic literature, which was founded in 1998 and on which you can familiarize yourself with sexual stories, poems, essays, and articles submitted by users. You can even listen to the audio if you are too lazy to read!

I must have been 14 years old when I got access to dial-up Internet. I bet most of you spoiled bastards will never understand the pain that uploading photos and videos that day brought, and it’s not surprising that sites like this quickly gained popularity because either they or you had to wait 30 minutes to see naked babes.

Literotica Features

You probably already realized that there are no porn pictures, just words, but if you like to read erotica, this is the place for you! They have absolutely everything that you could read, from stories with hard BDSM in space to folios with vanilla fuck.

You are going to see stories in all types of categories, which are listed on the main page. There are more than 23 categories of your choice, of which 16 are English, and others are not. Anal, fetish, mature – these are some of them.

In each category, the number of stories is displayed, and there are thousands to choose from.

Benefits From Literotica In Real Life

There are even special names for participants of message boards such as “Literoticans”, “Litizens” or “Litsters”, which organize events known as “Litogethers”, where you can meet each other in real life and chat. Since these sites are mostly popular among women, this may be your chance to meet the same spoiled bitch like you and fuck real pussy!

On this site, there are many additional bonuses that will brighten up your leisure time if you get tired of reading.

It can be difficult to keep the blood in the brain when it seeks to cling to another place, and reading is, of course, an intellectual process, so take a break and look at their Video on Demand website or check out the section with illustrations or even the section of erotic poetry. Yes, there are no pictures or videos, but some people prefer to tease the mind with the written word, so I’m glad that this website exists for them.

If you like to write, you can send your own stories. Of course, there is the art of writing erotic literature that will excite people, but almost everything will work on this site. They also have competitions for writers to find out what kind of stories people like.

Literotica Rules

As for the rules, almost everything is allowed, although they prohibit stories of pedophilia and bestiality. I believe that 50% of you have now moved on to the next review in this category, as that was exactly what you were looking for, wasn’t it? In any case, the remaining 50% of you are still reading, and I can assure you that there is a lot of material about incest!

The only drawback is the design of this site. It is really simple, not quite modern and looks like it came from the 90s. However, the site is functioning well, and this is important, so I won’t blame them much!


What do the colored icons beside stories mean?

The yellow NEW’s denote stories which have recently been published on

The red H’s denote stories that have received ten or more votes from readers and maintain an average vote of 4.5 out of 5 or better.

The yellow E’s denote “Editor’s Choice” stories. These are pieces that the editor really likes – just his opinion.

The green W’s are next to stories that have been chosen by readers as winners in their Monthly, Yearly, or Special contests.

How can I hear audio stories?

To hear the stories, you need to install Real Player.

What is a feedback portal?

The feedback portal contains a list of all the latest comments made on bulletin boards and poems.


  • Huge collection of xxx stories
  • Tons of categories
  • Unique illustrations and poetry section
  • Regular updates
  • Most popular site


  • Old design from the previous century
  • A little hard to navigate (our FAQ section levels this)
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