I think the best way to start this review is to give you some examples of hentai categories that are on this site: 1080p, alien, anal, BDSM, double penetration, public sex, softcore, swimsuit, teacher, tentacles, and many others. You will get a complete list if you click on the “Categories” button, which is located on the sidebar. Right sidebar (there is no other). All niches are presented in the form of tags. You can select one or several and see which videos correspond to them. This is an interesting filter, and for this reason, I really like HentaiHaven. If I like it, then I’m sure you will like it too. Wait, don’t interrupt until I have finished the review.

Hentai Haven – what is it?

By going to the site and passing the age test, you will find yourself in the realm of hentai porn. This site is a community where people can share their hentai comics and pictures. Some of the materials are pictures that they found elsewhere, and simply could not resist the temptation to publish them, while others were painted by the users themselves, and it is worth saying that there are many talented artists on the site.

As far as hentai is actually a porn anime, it follows the principles of Japanese animation, and the characters can be anything because they do not obey the laws of reality or physics. There are many otherworldly characters and a bunch of big boobs and juicy cocks at this service.

I give tribute to everyone who wants to create something and has the confidence sufficient to put his creation on the web for viewing and the judgment of other people.

Hentai Haven features

You can also set even more filters using the buttons in the header: the newest, most viewed, most discussed, sorted by name, or year. By default, they use the latest updates. If you want to enable infinite scrolling, look to the right. Turn it on if you want to increase the speed of viewing. A luxury option for a luxury hentai fan! They thought about everything and welcomed all their visitors with a futuristic design. Since hentai is a very popular porn category, that’s exactly what they should have done to demonstrate that their site is good.

You do not know what series to watch, but firmly hold on to your fetish? Then check the categories. Hentai Haven has bondage, lactation, maid, schoolgirl, tentacles, and incest anime porn for you – it’s all just one click away!

The most recent materials are posted on the main page, and judging by what I saw, you are waiting for the famous hentai series, famous characters, famous authors, and high-quality graphics. The layout is good; the content itself is good; everything works smoothly, quickly, and without any problems or misunderstandings.

What should you note about Hentai Haven

Anal, blowjob, bondage, titcocks, demons, public display, footjob, harem, gangbang, monsters, maids, masturbation, nurses, sex toys, bathing suits, and many other hentai tags will welcome you if you visit this site. Hentai Haven helps you achieve the highest orgasm!

Hentai Haven uses one of the industry’s most popular adult layouts. This site is free from start to finish. The latest updates are right here on the main page, and you can sort them by date (as I said, by default, they will be sorted by the latest), title, views, likes, comments, or random. Use the “random” button if you think you’re lucky. Take a chance to jerk off at random results. This is adrenaline!

I can’t say how many pages they have at the moment, because I don’t see such information. However, I can tell you something else – the number of views on some posts: almost half a million. Can you imagine how popular this site is? If it is so popular, it means that it delivers a ton of content, and this content is fucking good. Great!

The authors say that Hentai Haven runs on five expensive servers. They rely entirely on advertising to pay for them.

Hentai Haven’s streaming playback works fine. From what I see, their genres are, for the most part, the same as tags.

They even have channels on social networks, which means that you can find out their news during late-night internet surfing from your phone. Make sure that you have not made a repost from their page. Otherwise, all your friends and relatives will find out what kind of crap you are watching. I mean, no one should know that you like hentai porn with tentacles, right? Unless you’re a perverted bastard. In this case, do what you want!


  • Filter options
  • Good layout
  • Good content
  • Hd hentai
  • Hundreds of shows


  • No downloads
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