Ero Profile is a large website that exists so that people can share their amateur clips with various adult scenes. This is a portal sharing amateur sex tapes, and therefore there are a large number of niches in various styles and approaches. Today we take a look at the scat section of this site, in which crappy videos are laid out all over the world for the delight. So if you want to find freshly squeezed porn, just downloaded on the Internet in an erotic frame, this resource will be your best choice.

Watchersweb was one of the first companies to distribute amateur video. The company was founded in 1982 by a group of swingers from San Diego. With the growing demand for films, this occupation has been transformed from a hobby into a business.

EroProfile features

There are many videos downloaded on a daily basis. The site also has a collection of more than 13,000 scenes. The archive page is pretty clean with a scalable format, which provides the perfect way to watch your favorite porn on your mobile phone.

Once you land on Eroprofile, you will immediately realize that you have visited the community-oriented amateur porn archive. You will find a large banner at the top of the page, with a purple background, a menu bar, and a cool pattern with a bouncy busty redhead girl who shows out her tongue like a rock star. Below you will find large miniatures of female lovers (and trans-babes) of various degrees of undressing and fucking. There is no clearly defined logic in the organization of images here.

EroProfile design

In the menu bar, you will find the following options: “Home”, “Video”, “Photos”, “Dating”, “Chat”, “Locations”, “Gold Member”, “Games” and “Live Sex”. There are many options to choose from. Let’s see how many of them are genuine and are part of the Ero Profile.

“Videos” send you to a separate part of their site. Unlike most sites that tend to focus on video, Eroprofile seems to put the photo in the foreground, so you need to do a little work to get to the video.

You will find the video home page (again, the assortment is random), then the “video albums”, “popular videos” and “funny videos” section, which seems to be quite far from the hardcore edge of the porn spectrum and is more of a heterogeneous mix of girls, that make interesting (but different) things, like cooking pizza naked or masturbating in public.

Video albums seem normal, although it also seems like they are trying to categorize the content in such a roundabout way (just tags would be much easier for everyone’s life). Honestly, as is always the case with amateur content, the video quality is completely random. Eroprofile is probably not the place I go to for my dose of porn content.

The last section – “photo” – was based on the same principle. Nothing interesting and eye-catching.


  • Social networking features
  • Large database of amateur content
  • Fanciful locations
  • Mobile capabilities
  • Thousands of videos
  • Regularly updated


  • Quality and length varies greatly
  • Basic and somewhat outdated site design
  • Some faulty functions
  • Lack of diversity in content
  • Advertising
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