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About E-hentai

At first glance, the E-Hentai looks rather confusing. There is a list of various cartoons and hentai porn with Japanese text, which does not make sense if you do not know the language! When you hover over any of the links, a preview will appear, and by clicking on it, you will see several hentai and anime images. You can also download them.

E-Hentai Design

On the home page, you can narrow your search by using colored links. Among the available options are cosplay, Asian porn, Western, and Artist CG. Below are the most popular add-ons with huge previews. Dude, some of these hentai bitches just have huge boobs!

The text links at the top of the page offer you several more options. You can upload your own collections, add to favorites for future use and access a page full of hand-drawn hentai porn torrents. In general, a good little site if you learn how to use it correctly.

E-Hentai Features

I found this site to be more than exhaustive in terms of content because it is not only trying to cover hentai erotica in the hentai manga section, but also hentai porn videos as well as popular hentai video games. I think it’s not worth mentioning once again that any hentai fan will choose one of three, so it’s even better that you can access all three in one place, and as a bonus – the ability to chat with other hentai freaks in the comments section.

Hentai videos on E-Hentai

It seems that there is a bunch of hentai videos, and they are all of high quality with exciting stories. Among others, there is anime hentai, hentai cosplay, and some of the craziest Japanese TV shows. I was even more fascinated by the descriptions: they are tagged, some with photosets, like the videos themselves. It is priceless to watch how these cartoon babes with mouth-watering and sexy bodies suck huge dicks, swallow cum, jump on dick like crazy and moan softly, here are dirty slutty whores!

Hentai manga on E-Hentai

You can sort these depraved works of erotic art alphabetically, series, translation authors, or the most popular, often downloaded, or viewed. The language in action, combined with incredibly seductive pictures, will give you a pleasure of the year!

E-Hentai Tags

There are tons of tags to choose from for sorting content. These include 3D, action, ahegao, BDSM, foot fetish, footfuck, gender bender, live, Megane, mind break, monster girl, nipple penetration, panties, uncensored, pregnancy, in the bathroom, in a public place, in first time, big breasts, body art, double penetration, hole in the wall, exhibitionism, yuri and elves among many others.

This is for those perverted mazafuckers who like when all the shit is in one place, or simply do not know where to start. This section contains all three categories of content so that you can wet your feet before plunging into the chic waters of a particular niche.

What do I think about the E-Hentai

From the very threshold, the site gives you a good feeling that the content that is posted on it is gorgeous and lives up to expectations. I liked everything on this site, and I’m sure you will like it too. From incredibly sensual porno hentai and wildly erotic hentai manga by very talented artists to diverse games that are addictive and make the dick move.

In addition to this, unfortunately, they didn’t make sure that the site was navigated with ease, and content was easy to find – a bunch of sorting options and a search engine will make your trip even more carefree. I will also be delighted with the work of translating content into English done by these people.

Perhaps the site should remove the “Picture” section because the fact that it is, that it is not there is one and the same thing, and perhaps just like they ensured the cleanliness of the home page, they should free the content viewing pages from banners, for example, by moving them to another location, thereby giving users an even more amazing experience.



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