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  • Best for European users
  • Tons of hentai pictures
  • Everything is free
  • Ability to upload your own drawings
  • Shitty design
  • Some useless features
  • Hard to navigate

Danbooru Gallery

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About Danbooru

Booru (bo:ru) is a special type of imageboard, a gallery site specializing in sorting and cataloging images using tags. Unlike traditional image-forums, the idea of ​​which is the ability to write messages with an attached picture, and where the image has an auxiliary, albeit inalienable function aimed at supplementing the message, at booru images are the main objects that are stored there forever, and comments are present as a secondary function to discuss images. Most boorus are currently focused on images in manga/anime style.

Danbooru is the first of its kind, an open-source project that has spawned others. The first surviving post is dated May 23, 2005.

Danbooru Strange Title

The name comes from Japanese, translation – cardboard box. It is also shown on the favicon of the site. In addition, the word booru may be a repetition of Japanese English., romaji: bōru, translation: board.

The domain name donmai.us refers to the United States and contains a pun. Donmai is the Japanese spelling “don’t mind”, “don’t mind, don’t worry,” and the abbreviation “us” (United States) also means “we”. Thus, in its entirety, it will sound like “do not pay attention to us” or “do not worry about us.” The site is available at this address as an abbreviation.

Danbooru Creature

The author of the engine and the site administrator is Albert Yi (you can find his account on GitHub, account on Danbooru, and a photo on Danbooru). The engine is written in Ruby on Rails and is actively developing.

Danbooru Site Policy

Danbooru positions itself as a gallery of exceptionally high-quality anime-themed art; in this regard, the administration is very strict about uploaded images. Most of the images are added from the Pixiv Japanese online gallery, and initially, the site was oriented towards a Western audience, unfamiliar with the Japanese language, but wishing to easily find images from Pixiv artists.

Of great importance is the quality of the downloaded images, both from the technical side: sufficient resolution, lack of compression artifacts and watermarks; so it is with aesthetic: correct anatomy, conformity to the general Japanese style, the drawing should have accurate line art and be fully painted (that is, sketches are usually not accepted).

It is considered bad form to download the artist’s own images. The site uses the motto: “If in doubt, it’s better not to.” Among other things, the flooder should add at least a minimum of tags to the added image, and add the tagme tag, if in doubt, that he could run everything he could. You can learn more about quality standards in the Danbooru help section.

However, these rules are not so strict. For example, in very early posts on Danbooru, you can find many images that do not fit into the rules, which you decided not to delete and saved for archival purposes. In addition, images of Japanese characters in the western graphic style, particularly funny and witty art or atypical drawings of already well-known artists are accepted. Some images may be retained due to cultural significance.

The new image will be in the gallery for three days, highlighted with a blue frame, waiting for the approval of the moderator. If it does not receive the approval of any moderator, it will be deleted. However, the image will only be hidden. It can still be found using the status: deleted tag.

Danbooru Tag Search

The site has an advanced tag search system. However, there is a serious limitation that beats the functionality – users with no account or with free accounts can use no more than two tags in the search. However, if you wish, you can get around this using numerous boron mirrors. To filter out NSFW content, you can either use rating: safe as a tag or go to the website at safebooru.donmai.us.

A useful feature of Danbooru is the built-in wiki with help on tags, to open the pages of which just click on “?” to the left of the tag.

Touhou Project at Danbooru

The first Tojo fanart with Flandre Scarlet was uploaded to the site on the second day of its work, May 24, 2005.

As of the beginning of 2017, there are a little more than 500,000 posts with fan art under the tag Touhou on Danbooru, out of a total of more than 2,500,000 posts. Thus, Touhou fan art literally makes up one-fifth of Danbooru content, and this tag remains the largest of all franchise tags.


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