Quick Summary is a dating website for adults who seek sexual adventures, those can be BDSM, for example. It is totally legal and has no viruses. Although you need to give some dollars for bonus memberships to have an approach to some other videos, the free version can entertain you just as well. But be sure that there are better places to have some fun. Review – Should You Rely on It to Hook Smb Up?

Coming across plenty of dating websites and experiencing scam makes you be careful with choosing a dating site. While it will be offensive to meet a fake on a website that demanded money for its service, you can lower the bar for a free website as long as it does not request money. And while you can definitely stumble upon a lot of attractive women and go to other platforms, the has some disadvantages. Its dark theme, a restricted number of opportunities as for the free service, a considerable number of false profiles, and an excessive number of questions while signing up make it lose its rating. Audience

This site is very popular in America. The main part of his audience is young men aged 25 to 34 years. Moreover, 80 percent of the audience is men – this is a definite plus for women. But guys can quickly get tired of the unsuccessful search for a girl prone to BDSM, bondage and other fetishes.  And yes, as you already understood, sadomasochistic and other unusual sexual addictions are what unite the community gathered here.

Signing Up at

The signup form is pretty standard. The cool feature is that both homosexual and heterosexual couples and even a group can be searching for someone like them. This adds a lot of variety and possibilities.

Secondly, there are five steps, some users think that the service requests too much information on the last step. Furthermore, you will be requested to type your bio. The convenience lays in the fact that the website does not force you to think something from your head, but permits you to use its bio writing tool. Alt will not let you in and redirect to your personal page until you verified your email.

alt sign up

Design and Usability meets the consumer with an interface in black, gold, and white. Some may say that it makes them feel like they are acting secretly or undercover, others get pleasure from that feeling. Some find it harder to read white text on a black background. After all, it is common for dating websites and websites which offer sexual services to have a black theme, believing that it looks more erotic.

As for 2020, the website looks a little bit out-dated. The data is not properly sectioned, causing difficulties and inconveniences for the user. Also, there are pop-ups of seductive videos all over the sight, which distracts the client.

Even when you first enter the to register, women with wrapped mouthes that try to get their hand-cuffs off are the first ones you meet. On the other hand, this feature makes the site look more lively and appealing.

Anyway, the website offers heaps of functionality, such as meeting models online for free, including members and friends to Hotlist. Regardless, you can not lead a written conversation. These options are only available after paying the fee.

User Account Features has something for free users, but life here becomes a lot more exciting with Silver or Gold membership. The list of free services contains:

  • free chat rooms;
  • adding members and friends to the Hotlist;
  • flirting;
  • sending flowers;
  • searching;
  • swiping who you fancy and who you do not;
  • watching a model live.

Paid services include:

  • being at the top of the search list;
  • the privilege to meet new members first;
  • access to live videos of the members;
  • access to community perks, like posting and reading blog posts;
  • a private conversation in  income messages;
  • giving gifts virtually, besides flowers;
  • 18+ films, which request more money. provides access to plenty of satisfying BDSM and fetish videos as well as some adult movies. Keep in mind, that people here are not concentrated on serious relationships, so sending virtual flowers or any other gift should not bring you to eventual marriage. Prices

alt pricing

As with the vast majority of adult dating websites, to get a more complex experience you need to pay more.

Therefore, if you choose the Silver memberships, then get ready to pay $22.94 for one month, $41.37 for 3 months, and $123.51 for a whole year of being a member of an adult community. Nonetheless, do not rush into it, as the number of people using is declining and the majority of them are men. To paraphrase, its competitors, Match and eHarmony, have their business going a lot more smoothly. Without the Premium packages, you will get bored with the website pretty soon. If with the standard subscription you could only visit the chat rooms, then with the bonus, you can actually participate in the conversations and be a more noticeable part of the community.

For example, with Silver or Gold packages you will be second or even the first in the search result list. What is more, you will have a possibility to show your appreciation to a woman or man with a special gift, besides a commonplace bouquet of digital flowers.


Here are a few more answers to the most groovy questions.

Is a Scam?

Yes, is the website with not the best anti-fake security, and encountering some scams is possible. The website offers a safety guide on how to avoid being fooled. A person, who is a scam may ask for your last name, e-mail address, home address, phone number, place of work, financial information. If it happens, remind yourself that you are there not for serious relationships, and go on.

Is Safe?

It is proved that the site itself will not steal your money, but as we have said some scam issues are possible. So it is your responsibility to be cautious. is equipped with Friend Finder Network Inc., a security system, but it does not protect the users from swindlers. The site is trying to fight back with more security, but, sadly, can not delete the before existing scam accounts. Otherwise, this website has functions that other websites can not boast of, like viewing live videos and blog posts.

Does have a mobile app? has a mobile app for iOS only. As for its convenience, this is a very dubious question. Most customers find the app absolutely useless, its rating is awful  – just 1,9 out of 5. But the good thing is that the website is updated with a convenient mobile version, which allows you to meet sexual partners anywhere even despite such a terrible experience with a mobile app.


  • Here you can meet people with non-standard sexual preferences (BDSM, fetishes and more)
  • A lot of options to look for - there are men, women, and couples of different sexual orientations and in all possible combinations


  • Most users are men and their quantity is declining
  • The dark theme can make you feel you are doing something illegal
  • Just awful mobile app designed for iOS only
  • Five-steps registration procedure
  • The most effective features are paid, and the price is not so cheap
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